Kate Thomas – The Kiss lyrics

And there you are my lover, simply standing there.
Your eyes, your lips, your beauty, the wind blowing in your hair.
I can’t look you in the eye, do you feel the way I do?
I want to touch you badly, I want to love you madly.


And then the moment comes, our bodies meet as one.
The magic moves from head to toe.
Don’t move away don’t let me go!
I look you in the eye I know you feel the way I do.
(I)want you t’touch me badly, I, I’m loving you so madly!


And then one day it changes, I can’t remember when?
Your gentle touch is gone and I can’t do this alone.
You won’t look me in the eye, you don’t feel the way I do.
I want you t’touch me badly, I, I still love you madly!

[Vocal Adlib]
Ayahoooooooo, Ayahoooooooa!
Ayahoooooooo, Ayahoooooooa!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaa, Yaaaaaaaaaaaa,
Yaaaaaaaaaaaa, Yaaaaaaaaaaaa

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